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WL8V2 is India's first industrial-grade musical pixel controller made under the "Make In India" challenge.

WL8V2 has 8 output ports that support 3 wire pixels( a 3 wire pixel has Data, Gnd, V+, The controller provides Data and Gnd).

Each output port support up to 1500 pixels. 

And also has support for 2 differential receivers(sold separately). Each with 4 individual outputs.

12000 pixels can be controlled via pixel ports and 12000 pixels can be controlled via 2 differntial ports.

Total 24000 pixels can be controlled.


Each string can be independently configured for null nodes, zigzag, forward/reverse, node type, pixel count , grouping etc...

Multiple controllers can be used at once to drive the same light show.

Supported Softwares:-


  •  XLights
  •  Vixen 3
  • LightFactory.
  • Luminair (iPhone/iPad)
  • SoundSwitch (Mac & Windows)
  • MA dot2 onPC (1 universe free)
  • Onyx PC (was Martin M-PC) (4 universes free)
  • Chroma-Q Vista (was Jands Vista)
  • QLab (Mac)
  • Chameleon (Mac)
  • LightingPad (iPhone/iPad)
  • Lightjams - Live interactive control MIDI / TUIO / wii
  • Lightkey (Mac)
  • Cue Player Lighting
  • ArtNet DMX Remote (iOS)
  • LED Remote (iPhone/iPad)
  • Venue Magic
  • MagicQ – ChamSys (Windows, Mac, Linux) **FREE**
  • QLC+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) **FREE**
  • FreeStyler **FREE**
  • MADRIX – LED Lighting Control
  • Jinx! - LED Matrix Control **FREE**
  • DMXControl **FREE**
  • Enttec D-Pro
  • TJShow
  • D::Light
  • White Cat Lighting Board **FREE**
  • StageSoft - CHROMA
  • ShowMagic - SL/SLX **FREE 24ch**
  • Maize DMX **FREE**
  • Photon (iPad) **FREE**
  • L.E.D. Lab (iOS)
  • LX Studio (free non-commercial use)


RDM over ArtNet Monitoring Software


  • SuperNova
  • DMX-Workshop


Media Servers / VJ


  • ShowMagic - AV
  • Kineme Art-Net Tools for Quartz Composer
  • TroikaTronix - Isadora
  • ArKaos MediaMaster Pro, MediaMasterExpress, Media Server
  • Resolume Avenue 3
  • MXWendler FXServer




  • Capture
  • ESP Vision
  • SoftPlot
  • LD Assistant

Controller Features:-

Modes: Standalone Player Mode, Master Player Mode, Slave Player mode, Bridge MOde

Supported InPut Formats: E1.31(SACN) Or ArtNet Bridge
Supported OutPut Formats: E1.31(SACN) / ArtNet Bridge / DDP , Pixel, LEd Pannels, DMX

OutPut Processors, Pixel OverLay Models, GPIO InPuts

File Manager: Sequences(.fseq), Audio( .mp3, .ogg, .m4a), Video( .mp4, .mkv), Images, Effects( .eseq), Scripts( .sh, .pl, .pm, .php, .py), Logs, Uploads
Playlists, sheduler, Script Repo, Plugin Manager

The controller can store sequences on micro SD card and play in sync with FPP master.

Power: 5v 2A Power adapter (included in the package).

String Types
All string ports can be any of the following string types. They all can be independently set. 

WS2811 / WS2812 /  WS2813

TM1804 / TM1803 / TM1809 / TM1812


GE Color Effects (GECE)

Winter Lights WL8v2

₹14,999.00 Regular Price
₹11,749.00Sale Price
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